At Flowers & Moondust, we prioritize wellness and having good self-care practices (with an African flavor!). Wellness is having balance of the mind, body and spirit. Lacking in one area can affect the others. Things that are good for the body include exercise, good sleep, and proper nutrition. Things that are good for the mind include reading or learning challenging new material. Things that are good for the soul include anything that brings you joy which can be deep belly laughter, going for a walk in nature or participating in a fellowship group.

Wellness has become a bit of a buzzword recently. Why? Our daily activities and lifestyles have become more stressful and toxic. Conditions such as high blood pressure, anxiety, depression and an overall dissatisfaction of life is on the rise. Thus, it has become critical to our well-being to prioritize wellness. Don’t know where to start? Start simple. Start small. Start slow. But start nonetheless. Below we offer 10 accessible ways you can begin to incorporate wellness into your life.

  1. Show gratitude

    Putting gratitude in your daily life is a great first step to achieving peace of mind and actualizing your dreams and goals. Showing gratitude isn’t just about listing out things you are thankful for. Other ways to show gratitude include: being an active listener, volunteering your time, and writing handwritten thank you or love letters.

  2. Get 20 minutes of exercise per day

    Our ancestors were active! From farming to foraging for food to herding animals, their bodies were almost always in motion. With the advancement of technology, we have become more sedentary and the consequences are negatively impacting our health. Try finding ways to add more movement to your day. 20 minutes of brisk walking in the morning, a dance session in your room or walking your dog are all good ways to get in daily exercise.

  3. Drink more water

    Proper hydration is important for your health. You hear it all the time to “drink more water!” And you should. There are many health benefits of drinking more water. Water increases metabolism, aids in cellular rejuvenation, eases digestion, lubricates joints and so much more.

  4. Practice mindful meditation

    Mindful meditation may take a few tries to get it right but when you do, you’ll be happy that you’ve added the practice to your wellness lineup. Mindful meditation can help you to be present in the moment, minimize stress and help you appreciate the beauty of life.

  5. Eat more whole foods

    We will always encourage a whole foods, plant-based diet. Lifestyles that emphasize fresh, nutrient dense whole foods and minimizes processed foods are beneficial for overall wellness. Start by making small changes to your diet. Swap a side of fries for a salad, white rice for brown rice or candy for fruits. Your body (and therefore mind and spirit) will thank you!

  6. Disconnect/Unplug

    Turn off your laptops, phones, tablets and other electronics for 1 day each week. The sound of a whole day makes you gasp? Try disconnecting from a few hours or an hour and work your way up. Unplugging can help you reconnect with people you care about, help you sleep better, and relax and recharge. We promise you won’t miss out on anything important.

  7. Get adequate sleep

    Getting a good night’s rest is just as important as exercising and eating wholesome foods. Unfortunately, our new high speed lifestyles are interfering with quality sleep. You can practice good sleep habits by trying to sleep and wake up at consistent times, limiting caffeine intake late in the day, taking a warm shower before bed.

  8. Enjoy nature

    Experiencing nature has proven to have psychological, physiological, cognitive and social benefits. The therapeutic power of nature is tangible. Next time you feel stressed, step outside! Go for a walk, a weekend hike or a stroll on the beach. Africa has a lot of beautiful places for nature lovers to explore.

  9. Create a happy space

    Creating a space that brings you joy can be as simple as decluttering or adding your favorite picture of you and your best friend to your desk. Small ways in which when you walk into a space, you can’t help but smile.

  10. Be kind to yourself

    If you want to be happier, you have to start by showing yourself kindness. We are our own worst critic. Some ways to show yourself some love are: giving yourself recognition for accomplishments, honoring your dreams, learning to forgive yourself, carving out time to do activities that bring you joy, and reminding yourself how much of a bad ass you are! Remember: You are enough.

Self-care is revolutionary and we hope these tips help you start adding more wellness into your daily routine. What simple steps do you plan to take. Talk to us in the comments below.

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