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Alata Samina (African Black Soap)


Alata Samina, popularly known as African Black Soap, is made from the ash of locally harvested plants and barks such as plantain, cocoa pods, palm tree leaves, and Shea tree bark. Our authentic Alata Samina is made in Ghana from secret old age recipes passed down from our ancestors. It has been used in African beauty rituals for generations for a deep clean from crown to toe.

How to use: Suitable for face, body, and hair. Lather and rub on skin in gentle circular motions. Rinse, and pat dry. Follow up with our Raw Shea Butter or Goddess Glow Butter for a golden glow.

For external use only. Keep dry between uses.

Ingredients: plantain skin ash + cocoa pods + palm fronds + palm kernel oil + shea pods + coconut oil + shea butter + purified water

Size: approx. 5.5 oz

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