Flowers & Moondust is an African wholistic wellness company that offers high quality African shea butter. We are dedicated to recentering the power of African ancestral healing magic, empowering local African communities and encouraging wholistic wellness journeys.

Africa has a wide variety of plants, spices, herbs, exercise pathways, beauty secrets and overall preventive health practices used by our ancestors to provide optimal well-being. From the majestic baobab tree to the rich shea butter to the underrated tigernut, to spending time in nature, our ancestors and elders hold valuable knowledge to better self-care practices. We aim to reconnect, redefine and recenter wholistic African ways of living in hopes that more people take the path of wholistic wellness guided by our ancestors.

We are dedicated to bringing you high quality African superfoods and beauty products that are 100% organic, plant-based, sustainable and eco-friendly. Short-cuts cannot be taken when you insist upon making the best of something. All of our products are ethically sourced or handmade with love by local farmers and artisans who are both passionate and knowledgeable about their craft.

We welcome you to explore wellness from the Motherland.