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Our African ancestors were healers. True botanists, they learned and understood the power of nature, plants and food as a source of preventive health, healing and medicine.

As a child of Ghanaian immigrants who moved to the United States for better financial and educational opportunities, I never thought I would relocate back to our homeland Ghana. But here I am, living in Accra, Ghana with no intention of leaving anytime soon.

Relocating to Ghana was a surreal push from the ancestors and a call from the Motherland. After suddenly losing my father, a parent absent from my life, I deplaned in Accra heartbroken. I was grappling with what it meant to lose a parent who wasn’t a part of my life. How do I grieve not only death, but dreams of rekindling a relationship now seemingly gone forever?

The Motherland called me back to help me heal. I honored the call by rooting myself in healing and in the process learned the power of forgiveness, fell in love with myself, my heritage, the therapeutic landscapes and nutritious superfoods. Through this experience, I turned my mess into a powerful message and my test into a testimony. You too can heal.

Flowers & Moondust is dedicated to providing an inclusive wellness space and high quality African healing products while recentering and reconnecting to African traditional ways of healing. Declaimer: It’s not to say there’s no space for modern medicine but it’s to say African traditional ways of healing serves a purpose.

So I invite you to reconnect to our Motherland and root yourself in wellness and healing. I invite you to reclaim ownership of your mind, body and spirit while empowering local African communities. I invite you to return to the Motherland and experience its healing powers and knowledge. With an open heart, I welcome you to Flowers & Moondust.



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