How to dispose of our Eco-friendly Packaging

Flowers & Moondust is dedicated to sustainable and eco-friendly practices because we care about our environmental impact. Being environmentally conscious is one of our core values and as such we hold ourselves accountable. It is not enough to just have recyclable packaging and shipping materials. It is also important to communicate how to properly discard of them. Our goal is to maintain our commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly practices as we grow and adopt environmentally friendly techniques while still providing the same high quality African wellness products.

Follow the guide below on how to properly discard our current packaging and shipping materials. If you have questions/feedback, please send us an email at 


Looking for non-toxic all natural soaps? Look no further! These handcrafted soaps deeply cleanse and nourish the skin using skin healing ingredients such as turmeric, activated charcoal, and guava leaves. 

Packaging Material:  100% compostable + durable jute (burlap) bags
How to discard: Don't! You can repurpose and use them to carry items such as earrings or headphones! 


Wellness starts from the inside. Our African Superfoods are the perfect way to add more nutrients into your diet. Try incorporating them into your smoothies, juices, oatmeal, pancakes, baked goods and more! 

Packaging Material: Recycled kraft paper 
How to discard: Please recycle 


Our African body butters are handmade with love. Each batch is carefully made with ancestral skin healing knowledge and techniques. They come in an amber jar to protect its content from sunlight.

Packaging Material: Recyclable PET jars 
How to discard: Please recycle 


Shipping Material: Durable cardboard mailers and crinkle paper (when needed)
How to discard:  
Please recycle 

 We do not include paper receipts as electronic receipts work just fine!

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