In season 6, episode 6 of the Wellpreneur Podcast, I sit down with host Amanda Cook, to have a vulnerable discussion on returning to ancestral homelands and starting Flowers & Moondust. Before jumping into the entrepreneurial life, I was an avid listener of the Wellpreneur podcast. Wellpreneur is a platform where entrepreneurs go to not only grow their wellness business, make a positive impact on the world, but to also be well themselves. The Wellpreneurs Amanda has interviewed in the past gave me a window into the life of a wellness entrepreneur and the importance of self-care and honoring your inner guide no matter what stage you are in.

I was thrilled when Amanda accepted my proposal to feature me and Flowers & Moondust. In this episode Amanda and I engage in a meaningful and open conversation on the power of reconnecting with ancestors and returning to ancestral homes, healing from generational trauma, the value and wisdom of African traditional healing practices, how much the wellness industry can be diversified and more!

I encourage you to listen to this episode so you learn more about me, Flowers & Moondust, our mission, and the power of connecting to our ancestors. My hope is that you’ll not only support Flowers & Moondust by incorporating our African powered products into your wellness routine, but you’ll view Flowers & Moondust as a bridge to learning more about African ancestral knowledge.

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Once you listen to the podcast, you may send us any questions or comments to or slide into our DMs on our IG.

Finally in the spirit of wellness, I leave you with this affirmation shared in the podcast episode:

“I am not broken. I am not damaged. I am easy to love. “



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