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Tigernut Powder


Our extra-fine Tigernut Powder has a unique sweet taste packed with essential nutrients our ancestors have enjoyed for centuries. This amazing “nut” is actually not a nut but a small tuber, making tigernuts a great alternative for people with nut allergies. Tigernuts have long been recognized for their health benefits, as they are high in fiber, minerals, proteins, and natural sugars. It’s high in resistant starch which supports good bacteria in the digestive tract.

Our tigernut powder is sourced from a local farmer in Ghana who takes pride in producing the highest quality tigernut powder in a way that conserves all of its nutritional value. In African markets, tigernuts are widely sold and are enjoyed as a raw snack, made into milk, refreshing juices and more!

How to use: Use Tigernut Powder in your smoothies, juices, cereals, pancakes, baked goods and more!

Ingredients: 100% organic tigernut powder | Raw | Vegan | Gluten-Free

Sizes: 100g | 300g 

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