There's so much knowledge in our African villages that can benefit our wholistic wellness journeys. Shea and Cocoa butters have been staples in our African communities long before non-toxic and organic skincare became a trend. Meditation, honoring our environment, and building community are inherent in our African rituals and cultures. ⁠Our African ancestors and elders understand the food consumed has great effect on our bodies and the energies emitted from within. They preached that the mind, body and soul all need to be considered in achieving optimal health. When did we disconnect from these beautiful African ancestral ways of healing?

Our mission is to recenter, reconnect and make space for our African ancestral ways of healing while collaborating with those who hold the valued information. We want to open the door to rooting yourself in our Motherland, Africa, and in healing.

Your body is a temple. Your mind is a miracle. Your spirit is life. It is important to give your body, mind and spirit the best so they in turn work together to give you the best. When you are nourished, empowered and make mindful decisions about what what you consume, the positive effects cascade. All of our African wellness products are thoughtfully made and ethically sourced from local Ghanaian farmers and artisans.

Our products are: 

100% Natural

We never add any harmful chemicals, additives or preservatives to our all natural line. We source from local farmers who understand and are committed to the practice of organic farming. 


No animals are harmed or used in our products. Plants give us life and everything we need to heal our bodies. Our African ancestors ate a plant-based diet filled with nutritious leafy greens, medicinal spices, and high protein nuts and legumes (they also slow cooked their meals to conserve nutrients and flavor)!

Locally Made

We proudly support local Ghanaian economies, believe in fair wages and keeping money in our communities. Our superfoods are sourced from small scale and family-owned farmers and our beauty products are handmade with love from local artisans who are experts in their craft and take pride in producing only high quality products.


To promote consistency and maintain high quality standards, we are dedicated to sustainable practices. Every company should practice sustainability and we want to lead by example.


Our health is inextricably linked to the health of our environment (our ancestors understood this!). We care about the impact our business decisions have on the environment. We've taken great care to use eco-friendly packaging solutions whenever possible— recyclable and biodegradable containers and mailers. We also minimize the use of unnecessary filler and paper receipts. As we grow, we'll seek to take even further steps in recyclable, compostable and renewable options.

Be inspired to reconnect with our ancestors and take control over your choices and all that you bring into your life. Your body, mind and spirit will thank you.