Flowers & Moondust

Motherland Magic Box - Goddess Edition (Save $15!)


A $119 value, yours for $104 + free shipping! 

Our Motherland Magic Box was designed with the intention of helping you create holistic wellness rituals. Each box features our superfoods (for inner glow), our top-selling natural handmade beauty products (outer glow), new waist beads, and more! 

The Motherland Magic Box Goddess Edition includes: 

- 300g Raw Cocoa Powder: Perfect for smoothies, hot chocolate, baked goods, and more! 

African Black Soap: Cleanse away dirt, oil, and makeup for a fresh glow

- African Exfoliating Net Sponge (color may vary): 100% nylon and long-lasting. This African shower staple will clean and exfoliate your skin (only available in our wellness box!) 

- 1oz Skin Glow Elixir: A luxurious blend of African indigenous oils will leave your skin glowing! 

- 4oz Goddess Glow Butter: Indulge in our Cocoa-Shea mix for soft glowing skin. 

- Two strands of traditional African waist beads: Adorn your body with our handmade traditional waist beads. Please let us know which two colors you want by adding a note to your order (click "Add Order Note" in cart). 

- Original illustrated Flowers & Moondust postcard: Comes with an envelope so you can send a message to a loved one or write one for yourself. 

Pro tip: Listen to the soothing and uplifting sounds with our Flowers & Moondust Sounds from the Motherland Spotify playlist as you go through your ritual. Don't forget to breathe and remind yourself what a phenomenal person you are! Ase.

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