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African Waist Beads - Palm Wine


Adorn your body with our artisan handcrafted glass waist beads. Palm wine is a radiant white color. 

Traditional waist beads are African adornments that consist of small glass beads on a string worn around the waist or hips. They come in different colors, shapes, and sizes and can sometimes have added gems, crystals, stones, or charms. Traditionally African waist beads represent femininity, fertility, a rite of passage, sensuality, seduction, healing, protection, cultural pride, and well-being.

Wear your waist beads confidently! And may your waist beads be a constant reminder that your body is a beautiful, sacred temple and that there's power in the divine feminine. 

Traditional white glass waist beads strung on a cotton string. 

Handmade by a local artisan in Ghana, West Africa.

Fits up to 42 inches 

How to Tie Your Traditional African Waist Beads: 

  1. Wrap your waist beads around your waist or hips (wherever you would like them to lay on your body)
  2. Remove excess beads 
  3. Tightly triple knot cotton string
  4. Cut off the excess string 
  5. Questions? Send us an email at, we're happy to help 

Each purchase comes with one strand. Wear as a single strand or layer with other colors (mix and match!). Palm wine pairs beautifully with Pear!

Product Photography by Tiffany Yoon

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